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Autologous Whole Blood

A Natural Part of Your Blood Management Strategy

Recent studies focus on the positive effects autologous salvaged blood has on the immune system, as opposed to both homologous and autologous washed blood.

Post-operative infections

A number of studies have shown a decreased incidence of post-operative infections in patients receiving autologous salvaged blood as compared to patients receiving homologous blood or autologous washed blood (DJ Triulzi et al, 1992, see ref below).

Natural killer cell precursors

Gharehbaghian et al (Lancet, 2004) showed an increase of natural killer cell precursors in patients receiving autologous filtered blood, suggesting that the blood contains immunostimulants. Patients receiving washed autologous blood or homologous blood showed a decrease in natural killer cell precursors (A Gharebhaghian et al, 2004, see ref below).

Neutrophil activity

A study by Iorwerth et al (The Knee, 2003) indicates that the use of autologous filtered blood alters the activity of PMN, thereby reducing the incidence of post-operative infections (A Iorwerth et al, 2003, see ref below).

Reduced exposure to allogeneic blood

In the study by Moonen et al (Transfusion, 2007) it was concluded that post-operative transfusion of filtered autologous whole blood is effective for decreasing allogeneic blood transfusion after total hip and knee arthoplasty.


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